Death Stranding x Cyberpunk 2077 introduces hacking and the Silver Hand

Death Stranding released free downloadable content (DLC) that adds several Cyberpunk 2077 assets to the game.

The DEATH STRANDING x Cyberpunk 2077 DLC came unexpected. Without any prior announcements or even rumors, it was revealed on the same day it was made available on Dec. 17.

It’s a significant update that adds new missions and introduces a hacking mechanic. Of course, since a significant part of Cyberpunk 2077 is style, there are also new cosmetic items. According to the official DEATH STRANDING x Cyberpunk 2077 blog post, players get:

  • A Cyberpunk 2077 themed Reverse Trike, which looks a lot like Cyberpunk 2077’s Kusanagi CT-3X.
  • A “Silver Hand” arm replacement inspired by Johnny Silverhand’s cybernetic arm.
  • New holograms such as a SAMURAI (Johnny’s rock band) signboard, a Trauma Team (very, very heavily armed EMTs) ambulance and more.
  • Johnny Silverhand’s threads, including his iconic sunglasses.

All in all, this is a pretty cool update. Unfortunately, it’s a PC exclusive and thus isn’t available for PlayStation 4 players.

However, the update also announced that Death Stranding will be on sale for a limited time. PC players can pick it up on Steam for $30. The PlayStation Store has it for $40 but Best Buy is selling physical copies for only $20.

Not to be outdone by Kojima Productions, CD Projekt returned the favor by featuring Hideo Kojima in Cyberpunk 2077. There are guides on how to find Kojima, of course.

But if you only want a mild hint, the legendary Japanese game developer’s cameo happens during a main story mission. Keep your eyes open and don’t be afraid to explore a bit, even if the situation feels tense and urgent.

Stay safe out there, chooms.

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