Decadent Halloween dishes that serve up some culinary magic

A spooky Halloween dinner party calls for some spooky entrées! So what better way to celebrate the festivities than with a clever and creepy assortment of ghoulish main dishes? From “Eye-rish” meat pie to eyeball ravioli, these monstrous meals have a delicious dark side. Here are five decadent Halloween dishes that serve up some culinary magic! 

1. Spooky ramen


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This macabre ramen method involves an egg that’s been “hacked” and “drowned” in a glass of water and then “injected” with red food dye. After carefully removing its shell, TikToker @nikkalcaraz combines the egg with skull-shaped mushrooms, which are used as toppings for ramen noodles, all in a broth blackened with squid ink. A sliver of seaweed makes for a frightful finishing touch.

2. ‘Eye-rish’ meat pie

TikToker @nikkalcaraz makes this eye-catching recipe by “gouging” out the middle of a potato and painting it white. Next, the potato ball is placed on a clover-shaped piece of spinach dough while more dough is molded around it, forming an eye socket. Then he adds a layer of mashed potatoes, meat and vegetables to a matching piece of dough before the two halves are combined. Once baked, an eyeball is painted on the potato, followed by a layer of piping gel, resulting in a glassy finish. 

3. Ariel’s revenge octopus pasta

This meal comes with a side of sea witch. The recipe involves squid ink pasta mixed with marinated grilled octopus and splattered with a sauce made from peppers, onions, marinara and seasonings. Enjoy some tasty under-the-sea vengeance. 

4. Lemon ricotta stuffed eyeball ravioli

This spookified stuffed ravioli will have all eyes on you, literally! TikToker @doughnate4noods places small dots of blue and black dough on one side of a long strip of regular white dough, forming each ravioli’s iris and pupil. Next, they add a dollop of lemon ricotta on the opposite side of the dough, making sure the cheese aligns with each eye. They then fold over the dough before cutting each eye out with a round cookie cutter. Talk about some creepy pasta!

5. Puppet pot pies

This recipe gives the phrase “a pie in the face” a whole new meaning. The method for making these pot pies is the same as any traditional pot pie recipe. The dish drastically departs from tradition with a pie crust in the shape of a doll face, made using a silicone mold.

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