TikTok is freaking out about December 21 and coming up with all sorts of theories

According to TikTok users, December 21 marks an important day. Not only are Jupiter and Saturn set to align and appear as a double planet for the first time in 800 years, but great things (including supernatural ones) are also supposed to happen.

In the days leading up to Dec. 21, TikTok users have been encouraging their followers to meditate and manifest together at the “Great Conjunction”— what is being used to describe the moment two of the largest planets pass each other on the night of the solstice. According to astrologists, the conjunction will happen in an air sign (Aquarius), which means people should build on their current thoughts and ideas.

In one TikTok, for example, spiritual life coach Drea Moksha tells her followers to take “full advantage of the energy that’s happening.”

“Number one: This might be the most powerful time to manifest that’s ever been created in history,” Drea says in the clip, which has since received over 236,000 likes. “[What you need] to manifest is the life of your dream. Not only that, but we have the power to manifest our dream world right now.”


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Drea then encourages her followers to meditate.

“Number two: meditation,” she says. “There’s going to be a global mass meditation happening on Dec. 21st. There’s massive amounts of scientific research that [prove] mass meditation works. We are so much more powerful together. When we manifest together, we can literally create heaven on Earth, and it’s possible.”

Another TikTok from Oliver Nińo similarly touches on the power of Dec. 21.

“Today is Dec. 21. Here’s what happens,” a text overlay reads. “Time accelerates today and that’s good for you. You can manifest and attract what you want 10-100x faster. Old cycles are ending so you can release pain, thought patterns, people, emotions, and trauma that doesn’t serve you quickly. Your spiritual gifts get activated and also amplified today like never before.”


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For others, Dec. 21 represents something even grander. Earlier in December, a Twitter user with the handle @lottidot claimed that the Black people, specifically, would realize their full potential on this day.

“As [Black] people, genetically we are stronger and smarter than everyone else, we are more creative,” she tweeted. “On December 21 our Real DNA will be unlocked and majority will be able to do things that we thought were fiction. Learn who u are as people. They wanna make us average.”

Social media users, both on Twitter and TikTok, have since hilariously interpreted the tweet to mean that Black people will receive superpowers. In one TikTok, for instance, a group of friends come together to imitate popular superheroes.


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In any case, whether you believe in astrology or whether you’re spiritual, it’s probably best to just treat Dec. 21 like you should with any other day: with a little bit of positivity.

But should you choose to manifest and meditate on this day, who knows? There might actually be a chance that your dreams will turn into reality.

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