Why is December 3 so important on TikTok?

Dec. 3 is approaching, and it’s poised to be a very big day on TikTok

You may have seen people discussing the particular day in videos on your FYP. It’s not a holiday, astrological event or lunation. Here’s what people are actually referencing when they talk about Dec. 3 on TikTok

“If I don’t get a sweater the third of December it’s someone’s head,” @itschodey wrote in a video caption

Star Wars fans have May 4, and Mean Girls fans have Oct. 3. Now it’s looking like Dec. 3 belongs to the Conan Gray fandom. In the 2020 song “Heather,” the artist sang, “I still remember, third of December, me in your sweater. You said it looked better on me than it did you.”

Now single Conan Gray fans hope to wear somebody’s sweater by the fateful day. 

“If im not wearing someone’s sweater by the 3rd of December then the lights won’t be the only thing hanging,” @www.maxywaxy.com joked in a video

“If I’m still not wearing someone else’s sweater by December 3rd snow won’t be the only thing falling from the sky,” @afootnoteinyourlife wrote in a caption

“He gave me his sweater guys I WON December 3rd,” @elielaflaquita said, holding up a black hoodie

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