‘If your clothes still smell funky after washing, this could be why’: TikTok is gagging over viral deep-cleaning video

One woman’s discovery of just how filthy her washing machine agitator was has gone viral, and now TikTokers are scared to check out their own.

Like the woman who shocked TikTok with her disgusting washing machine filter or the professional cleaner who exposed just how dirty her client’s Swiffered floors were, this gross but mesmerizing footage has people groaning at yet another cleaning task to add to their list.

Posted by the deep-cleaning channel @cleaningforselfcare, the shocking video has gained over 16 million views and nearly 20,000 comments.

In the video, our deep cleaning expert explains that she originally tried to clean her agitator with a water bottle trick — but quickly realized it wasn’t working for her.

At first, the task didn’t seem too daunting — but when the TikToker managed to remove the top of her agitator, she was horrified by just how filthy it was, as was all of TikTok!

So, she pulled out her bleach, hot water, and scrubbing toothbrush and got to work!

And while many TikTokers were thankful for the new knowledge of how to keep their washing machine clean, some dreaded discovering a new chore they’d have to tackle.

‘I’m just gonna pretend I didn’t see this…’

Nearly 20,000 comments came pouring in expressing their shock — and frustration — at the footage.

“You telling me now I gotta wash my washer?” one user asked.

“TikTok is great and all… But it’s always showing me new things I need to clean,” another user complained.

“TikTok stays giving me chores I ain’t even know about,” grumbled another user.

“Yeah, I’m just gonna pretend I didn’t see this, ain’t nobody got time for this, good day ma’am,” one user in denial wrote.

“Bruh, I gotta wash my washer. And then wash the supplies used to wash the washer. Then wash myself. Then wash the place I washed myself in…” another user mused.

“This was so satisfying, but I’m scared to go look at mine,” one fearful user wrote.

“I’m gagging. I need to do this to mine,” another nauseous user commented.

“If your clothes still smell funky even after washing, this could be why,” advised one user.

Whether or not TikTokers choose to check out their own washing machine agitators, it’s certainly good to know where grime might be lingering if your clothes are less-than-fresh!

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