Delicious 2-ingredient recipes on TikTok that you’ll want to try

If you think three-ingredient recipes are just a bit too complicated, you’re in luck! It turns out TikTok is full of recipes that feature only two ingredients. But don’t be fooled — while these recipes have only two ingredients, some are easier than others to make. Here are four two-ingredient recipes from TikTok that are yummy, too.

1. Air-fried 2-ingredient bagels


Air Fryer 2-ingredient Bagels #airfryer #2ingredientsrecipe #2ingredientdough #bagel #ebtb #airfryerrecipes #breakfastrecipes #easyrecipes #airfried

♬ original sound – airfryerarchives

To make these bagels, all you need is self-rising flour and Greek yogurt. Mix the ingredients together, and once the dough is sticky, start shaping your bagels. Then air-fry at 350°F for nine minutes, flip them over, and cook for an additional four to five minutes. Then cut them in half and air-fry one last time for another four to five minutes. Feel free to season them with everything bagel spice before air-frying them (which is technically a third ingredient, if you feel like cheating).

2. 2-ingredient chocolate and bread dumplings



♬ CEO of speaking French – I.y.a

This recipe has almost 50 million views on TikTok, so this creative treat comes with a lot of hype! To make these dessert dumplings, you’ll need bread and chocolate. Fold the chocolate between a slice of bread, and use a glass to remove the crusts and cut out the shape of the dumpling. Then pan-fry in some oil until the bread is nice and crispy. It’s a gooey masterpiece made from two things you probably have in your pantry right now.

3. Keto-friendly, 2-ingredient crackers


Keto crackers #2ingredientsrecipe #2ingredient #ketocrackers #ketorecipes #ketochips #lowcarbcrackers #lowcarbcooking #howtoketo #ketocooking

♬ original sound – Lauren Eusanio Mihal

These crunchy, low-carb crackers make for the perfect snack or cheese board component. Make the dough using just an egg and almond flour. Then, flatten the dough and use a pizza cutter to outline the shapes of the crackers. Then bake it in the oven at 350°F for six to eight minutes, break up the dough into the smaller crackers, and enjoy! 

4. Gluten-free, 2-ingredient spinach wrap


2 Ingredient Wrap #spinach #eggs #eggwrap #2ingredients #2ingredientsrecipe #healthyrecipe #healthyrecipes #aestheticfood #veganfood #healthyfood #fyp


This healthy, gluten-free wrap is super easy to make. Just blend one cup of spinach with two eggs, and pour the mixture into a pan and cook it until it’s crispy. Then, fill it up with whatever you’d like, and wrap it all up for a nutritious, quick lunch. If you need some inspiration, the veggie-packed wrap shown in the video looks delicious!

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