Delicious 3-ingredient desserts on TikTok

You might be familiar with savory three-ingredient recipes, but if you’re a snacker with a sweet tooth looking for some simple desserts, your time has come! TikTok has tons of three-ingredient dessert recipes that make re-creating your favorite treats easier than ever. From classic desserts to unique delicacies you never thought you could make, here are five of the best three-ingredient dessert recipes TikTok has to offer. 

  1. Gluten-free, 3-ingredient chocolate cake

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♬ Strawberry – Prod by Rose

This flourless cake uses unsalted butter, semi-sweet chocolate chips and eggs. After microwaving the butter and chocolate, mix it in with the eggs to create a dough. Then put the smaller baking pan in a larger pan filled with boiling water, and bake for 22 to 25 minutes. After it’s fully baked, feel free to top with optional garnishes like powdered sugar and fresh fruit.

2. 3-ingredient chocolate truffles


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♬ original sound – Eitan Bernath

Simple yet decadent, these chocolate truffles are the perfect closing dish for a dinner party. Combine boiling heavy cream with chocolate chips, mix it all up, and let the mixture harden in the fridge. Then scoop out a ball of your homemade ganache, and cover it in rainbow sprinkles. Chocolate sprinkles or almonds would work well, too. The ball is in your court.

3. 3-ingredient vegan chocolate mousse 


Vegan Chocolate Mousse 🍫😋 📸 ingredients in the end ✌🏻 #veganchocolate #veganrecipes #tiktokvegan #tiktokrecipes #healthyrecipes #3ingredients

♬ i found me a lover who could play the bass – abbie

The three ingredients in this vegan mousse? Dark chocolate, the liquid from one can of chickpeas and maple syrup. This unlikely trio is the base for a simple, rich, chocolatey mousse that both vegans and non-vegans will enjoy. Chickpea brine, also known as aquafaba, is a very interesting ingredient to work with. When you mix the brine, the liquid turns into a white, creamy foam that can be used as a replacement for egg whites. Isn’t science delicious? 

4. 3-ingredient DIY coffee ice cream


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♬ Memories (Drinks Bring Back) – Ajay Stephens

Wake up and smell the ice cream! Combine all-purpose cream and condensed milk, and blend together. Once your mixture doubles in size, pour in some instant black coffee. The more coffee you add, the stronger your ice cream will be! Once the coffee is mixed in, chill overnight in the freezer. It’s the perfect treat to cap off a summer meal that’ll also give you a tasty kick of caffeine.

5. Low-cal, 3-ingredient cherry pie bowls


75 Calorie Cherry Pie Bowls🍒🥧#fitnesslife #healthyrecipes #lowcal #weightloss #lowcaloriesweets #3ingredientrecipes #3ingredients #fyp #foodontiktok

♬ Crowd Cheers – Johnny Buchanan

These cherry pie bowls only have 75 calories! Crush half of a cinnamon graham cracker, and add to the bottom of an oven-safe bowl. Then add a scoop of sugar-free cherry pie filling, and top with more graham cracker crumbs. After baking your pie bowls, top them off with the best third ingredient anyone could ask for: whipped cream! It’s the guilt-free treat you didn’t know you were craving.

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