5 delicious croissant recipes from TikTok

Few pastries hit the spot like a buttery, flaky, homemade croissant! Whether you’re craving a classic croissant or want to try something new and creative, head over to TikTok for some serious croissant inspiration. Here are five delicious croissant recipes from TikTok.

1. Classic butter croissants

This recipe makes a perfectly flaky classic croissant every time! Start by making a dough out of yeast, water and flour. Knead the dough into a ball, and let it rise for a few hours. Meanwhile, place cubes of butter between two sheets of parchment paper, and roll them into a square sheet. Wrap the dough around the butter, and roll it out repeatedly so that it forms layers. Finally, cut the dough into triangles, roll it into a croissant shape, brush with egg wash, and bake.

2. Air fryer pizza croissants

These air fryer pizza croissants make a perfect quick snack. Simply roll out store-bought croissant dough. Then top with pepperoni and cheese, and roll up. Place the croissants in an air fryer, and cook at 340 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes. Next, mix together melted butter, parmesan cheese, garlic powder and dried parsley. When the croissants are cooked, brush the melted butter mixture onto the croissants and enjoy!

3. Pumpkin croissants

These beautiful orange croissants are filled with pumpkin cream. To make them, make two croissant doughs, coloring one orange. Fold the neutral-colored dough repeatedly with a block of butter, add in the orange dough, and slice into triangles. Roll up the croissants, bake them, then fill with a pumpkin pastry cream made out of milk, sugar, cornstarch, egg yolks, pumpkin puree, butter and spices.

4. Croissant donuts

This popular hybrid pastry went viral for good reason! Start by making a dough out of flour, salt, sugar, yeast, water, egg whites, butter and heavy cream. Refrigerate, then fold in butter, and refrigerate again. Once the dough is ready, roll it out to about half an inch thick and cut into donut shapes. Cover the donuts for an hour, fry in oil, and coat with powdered sugar.

5. Breakfast croissants with bacon, egg and cheese

If you’re short on time, try using store-bought croissant dough to make this delicious breakfast sandwich. To make it, roll out the croissant dough. Top with ham, sliced cheese, scrambled eggs and bacon. Roll up the croissant, brush with egg wash, and bake until golden brown.

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