Delicious hash brown recipes from TikTok

Hash browns are an egg’s best friend. And with the right recipe, they can be your best friend too! Hash browns come in all shapes and sizes, but there’s one common denominator: crispy deliciousness! If you’re looking to “hash in” on what this classic dish has to offer, here are 5 TikTok recipes that’ll have you sprinting to the store for some taters.  

Hash brown breakfast sandwich 

Bread is swapped for crispy hash browns in this epic breakfast sandwich recipe. The thin, crunchy hash brown is loaded with eggs and meat, before it’s folded over and topped with avocado. Feel free to use whatever sandwich fillings you want. As long as there’s a giant hash brown involved, you’ll be doing this recipe justice. 

Cheesy bacon hash browns 

This recipe uses a waffle iron to create the ultimate cheesy, meaty, potato-y breakfast side dish. Cook your hash brown in the iron, and add shredded cheddar and crispy bacon. Your old favorite breakfast probably included these three ingredients separately, but your new favorite breakfast combines them into one thing. Don’t overthink this. 

Keto-friendly hash browns 

These low-carb hash browns use cauliflower instead of potatoes, and feature other keto-friendly staples like almond flour and shredded cheese. Then, it’s off to the waffle iron for a quick crisp. The filmer suggests dipping them in low-sugar ketchup to round out this delicious keto breakfast dish. 

Classic, crispy, cheesy hash browns 


These classic, homemade hash browns give off some serious diner vibes. Once you hear that signature hash brown crunch, you won’t be able to take your mind off these bad boys until you make them yourself. 

Vegan, healthy hash browns

These guilt-free hash browns supplement shredded potato with mashed chickpeas and zucchini.  This hearty, vegan dish works well as a side dish for your next brunch, but it can also work as the star of the show thanks to the protein-packed chickpeas. 

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