5 delicious ways Food TikTok gets creative with Thanksgiving turkey

The most important guest at the Thanksgiving table is the turkey. Whether you’re sticking to your tried-and-true turkey prep or want to try something a little different this year, #foodtiktok has you covered. From turkey with a brown butter honey maple pepper glaze to a turkey made out of Rice Krispies treats, there are many different ways to give the classic bird a boost. If you’re looking for a new take on a classic, here are five delicious recipes that get creative with Thanksgiving turkey.

1. Honey butter roasted turkey


Honey Butter Roasted Turkey! I’m not even a huge turkey fan but I love this. #turkey #thanksgiving #turkeyday #recipesforyou #cooking #foodfam

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For the perfectly seasoned, perfectly crispy-skinned turkey, look no further than this recipe. TikToker @theshayspence begins by seasoning the turkey with salt, black pepper, ground sage, ground mustard, garlic powder, paprika and cayenne at least one day before cooking. Next, he places the turkey in the refrigerator to help dry out the skin. He then brushes the turkey with olive oil and places it in the oven. After cooking, the turkey is finally glazed with a mix of butter and honey. 

2. Turkey eggs Benedict

Sometimes the best thing about Thanksgiving turkey is the delicious recipes you can make with the leftovers. These turkey eggs Benedict involve pan-seared leftover stuffing topped with leftover turkey and a poached or fried egg. Finally, pour on some heated leftover gravy in place of hollandaise sauce. Enjoy each bite of Thanksgiving!

3. Smoked brown butter honey maple pepper turkey

A delicious glaze is essential for any Thanksgiving turkey, and this recipe does not disappoint. TikToker @spicednice begins by adding brown butter, maple syrup, honey, salt and pepper to a bowl before mixing. Next, she injects the mixture into the uncooked turkey using a syringe. She then bastes the turkey in a mix of butter, honey, maple syrup, chopped herbs, cayenne, paprika and garlic powder. She stuffs the turkey with apples and fresh herbs, then brushes it with a mixture of the two marinades periodically while cooking. 

4. Turkey sliders

What could be a better way to serve Thanksgiving than on a biscuit? These sliders involve turkey topped with cranberry sauce and a slice of Brie cheese between a homemade biscuit. Serve them as a pleasant surprise during Thanksgiving dinner or with mimosas for a post-Thanksgiving brunch! 

5. Rice Krispies turkey

This turkey will definitely tickle your guests’ funny bones. The recipe involves molding Rice Krispies treats around a plastic cup wrapped in tin foil to form the turkey’s body. Once all the turkey’s parts have been made, they’re placed in the refrigerator, making them easier to put together. Once your Rice Krispies turkey is ready for assemblage, use toothpicks when necessary to fasten the parts together. Stuff your Rice Krispies turkey with Reese’s Pieces for a sweet finish.

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