Delivery driver helps young fan get in touch with Tony Hawk

A sweet FedEx driver is going viral on TikTok all thanks to how he helped a young Tony Hawk fan get in touch with his idol.

The delivery driver, who goes by fresh2deaf on the platform, posted his plea to pro skateboarder Tony Hawk on May 20.

“So I’m doing my delivery route today and I see this little kid chasing my truck trying to flag me down,” fresh2deaf explains in the video. “He’s like, ‘Excuse me, excuse me.’ So I pull over and I’m like, ‘Hey man, what’s up?’ He’s like, ‘Can you mail something for me?'”

After fresh2deaf agreed to mail the package, the young boy — whose name is Cooper — ran to his house and came back outside with a skateboard addressed to Tony Hawk.

“Get this to Tony Hawk for me. Tell him it’s from Cooper,” the boy told fresh2deaf.

Of course, fresh2deaf didn’t have Tony Hawk’s address — so instead of mailing the skateboard, he made a TikTok in the hopes that Tony Hawk would see it and respond with a video message.

Surprisingly enough, Tony did see it — and responded.

Credit: TikTok

“Tell Cooper I got him!!!” Tony commented. “And I’ll trade him for a new board.”

Tony even made a TikTok video message for Cooper, during which he shared that he had sent the young fan a skateboard from his collection.

“As a thank you gift, I’m gonna send you my skateboard — this one here that I’m riding,” Tony tells Cooper in the video. “Thanks buddy. I hope to meet you sometime.”

In a follow-up video, fresh2deaf thanked Tony for taking the time to respond to Cooper.

“You’ve earned a lot of respect from me,” he told the skateboarder.

He even introduced fans to Cooper, who thanked Tony for the new skateboard. “You’re a very great skater,” he added.

People are now obsessed with fresh2deaf, Cooper and the story of Tony Hawk giving away a skateboard.


“Tony Hawk has only post 3 videos in 2 years and the third one was for Cooper. Man, I hope this fills you with so much joy. You did so good for him!” another user added.

“The fact that you cared enough to try to make this happen for this kid and that it did. I’m so moved,” a third person wrote. “Thank you for your soul. I’m so happy u exist!”

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