FedEx driver sparks debate after sharing video of his Black Friday deliveries

A delivery driver is sparking a debate on TikTok after showing the size of his post-Black Friday workload.

The clip, shared by an alleged FedEx employee with the username @rogerruiz24, has thousands of TikTokers discussing how and when delivery workers should complain about their jobs.

It’s just the latest video from a delivery worker to stir controversy on the app. Earlier in 2021, an Uber Eats driver shared his tearful reaction to getting a $1 tip for a full hour of work. Shortly after, an Amazon worker drew praise after she drew attention to a customer’s “unsafe” household feature.

The video from @rogerruiz24 is much simpler than those instances. It features a short tour through what appears to be a very full delivery truck.

“This is what a FedEx truck looks like after Thanksgiving,” @rogerruiz24 captioned his video. “Please shop in person.”


Fuck work but I’ll see y’all tommorow . #christmas #fedex #thanksgiving

♬ original sound – Roger Ruiz

The number of boxes in @rogerruiz24’s drew plenty of attention in the comments section. Some users were frustrated that the driver was complaining about his workload.

“It’s your job,” one user wrote.

“That’s what you get paid for; you think this is a free money trip?” another asked.

“That’s not ever bad at all,” another wrote.

However, many commenters came to @rogerruiz24’s defense. Some pointed out that delivery drivers have the right to complain about their jobs, just like everyone else. Others noted that workers like @rogerruiz24 are under a particularly high level of stress this time of year.

“People are mad in the comments because someone expresses a little bit of stress?” one user wrote. “It’s a hell of a lot of work, and it’s tiresome.”

“We appreciate you,” another added.

The outpouring of support sparked several responses from @rogerruiz24, during which he thanked the viewers who let him vent in peace.

“Thank you,” he wrote in one response. “And for real, they’re pressed, but I’m still working … but this is the world we live in.”

The viral video comes as post-Thanksgiving shopping continues to move more and more online. As CNBC reported, in-store sales during Black Friday dropped by more than 28% this year — with lots of that traffic moving to e-commerce instead.

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