Delivery driver shares ‘crazy’ video of his post-holiday workload

A delivery driver is going viral after sharing a video of his truck before a particularly difficult workday.

The video, which drew over 500,000 views in just one day, comes courtesy of TikToker @banee392. In it the user, who seems to be a package delivery driver, showed how full his truck was at the start of a workday.

His clip enters an ongoing trend on the app, in which delivery drivers have shared their experiences throughout the holiday season. Last month, a FedEx driver went viral for a similar video showing his truck full of post-Black Friday orders.

The truck in @banee392’s clip is similarly full, with boxes covering the floor.

“This is how you know you’re gonna have a bad day,” the user captioned his post.

It appears as though @banee392 works for UPS, although the TikToker doesn’t specify his employer in the video. He also doesn’t clarify whether or not the truck is filled for just one day of deliveries, or much more than that.

Either way, commenters were surprised by the footage. Some called the number of packages “crazy.”

“I would’ve quit,” one user wrote.

“I don’t know how you find anything,” another added.

“Fourteen-hour day,” another wrote.

The footage comes after the peak holiday delivery season, possibly one of the busiest in history.

Last month, FedEx predicted that this year would set a record stretch for its own deliveries, with its drivers shipping 100 million more packages than last year. However, as the Wall Street Journal reported shortly after, UPS was seemingly handling the spike in orders well — increasing its rate of on-time deliveries.

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