Woman accidentally opens every locker in delivery hub: ‘Share the cheat code’

A woman may have accidentally opened every single locker in a delivery hub. 

TikToker @itsblairhere shared a video of the incident that racked up over 3 million views. She went to a locker hub to pick up a package, but when she entered her passcode, every locker in the room opened up. Naturally, she panicked, unsure of what she had done to cause all of the commotion. 

“I forked up! I forked up! Oh my god,” she said, gasping. “What is happening? What’s happening?” 

Each locker automatically opened up one right after the other, and each door made an ominous, machine-like sound as it swung open. Fortunately, most of the lockers were empty. 

Some people provided their theories on how she opened every single door. 

“Those machines usually have manager codes that will unlock/open all doors,” one person said

“I install these. You accidentally put in the installer code to check function on all doors,” another suggested

However, most people were eager to crack jokes about the bizarre situation. 

“You solved Jeff Bezos’ riddle,” someone wrote

“Don’t be shy — share the cheat code,” a user replied.

“Muggles can only open one. Witches can open them all. You did it! Hogwarts will be sending you your letter soon!” a TikToker commented

Despite the many Bezos comments on the post, an Amazon spokesperson told the Daily Dot that after reviewing the video, the lockers “are not Amazon Hub lockers.” 

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