Teach toddlers about dental hygiene using dollar store toy and markers

This mom on TikTok shared a clever hack for teaching kids how to brush their teeth using a dentist playset and markers, and both parents and dental professionals are giving it a stamp of approval! 

TikToker Mallory (@bumpsandbottles) is a busy parent and lifestyle blogger who frequently posts clips of mom hacks and her favorite products. Recently, Mallory shared a clever activity involving markers and a pretend dentist set, and it’s a creative and fun way to show kids the importance of dental hygiene. 


My son loved this activity and we got everything at the #DollarTree | #momhack #kidsactivities #toddlermom


The fast-paced clip begins with a trip to the dollar store. Mallory tells viewers to head to the toy section and grab a pretend dentist set. Next, grab a pack of toothbrushes and some dry-erase markers. 

Use the dry-erase markers to draw cavities, food, and germs on the plastic set of teeth. Then have your child clean the teeth by using a toothbrush to brush away the marker.

Mallory closes the video, explaining that she thinks the activity is a great way to teach kids “how to prevent cavities, and why it’s so important to brush our teeth.”

Viewers loved the clever teeth cleaning game, and a few dental professionals took to the comments to share their approval. 

“Dental hygienist here, and this is amazing! We give these out to our kid patients. I’ll have to recommend this,” mentioned one user. 

“As a dental assistant, I approve this message,” another dental professional affirmed. 

“I printed out a mouth and used the back of an ice cube tray for teeth, lol, but this is so much cuter,” one parent shared. 

“I’m going to school for occupational therapy, and this is so smart! Thanks for sharing,” complimented one TikToker. 

Videos like Mallory’s are a great reminder that a bit of creativity can help kids find the fun in personal hygiene, as well as chores and tasks that are often considered tedious.

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