My dentist says these under-$10 dental picks transformed my gum health — for the better!

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Full disclosure: I used to be a person who never flossed. Even though I went to the dentist consistently and heard the speech every time about flossing, I just never did it. I hated how the string made my hands feel, and flossing always made my gums bleed.

Then, my dentist got really serious with me. He explained that my gums were bleeding because I wasn’t flossing. And that if I kept on this path, it would likely lead to gum disease, which would mean laser surgery. That’s all I needed to hear. I was going to do better.

When I explained to my dentist that traditional string floss and even the floss sticks were really hard for me to use, he recommended these dental picks. All you do is slide them in between your teeth near the gum line, and they easily pull out the plaque. No strings getting stuck between your teeth or drool rolling down your hand.

GUM-6505R Soft-Picks Advanced Dental Picks, 90 Count, $8.79

Credit: Amazon

As promised, I began using these dental picks every day after that rude awakening of an appointment. When I returned for my next check-up six months later? My dentist could not believe how much better my gums looked. There was minimal bleeding as he was doing the routine cleaning, and he said surgery was definitely off the table as long as I continued flossing daily.

Now, I will admit the dental picks took some getting used to. My gums definitely bled for the first few weeks as they got used to being flossed for the first time, like, ever. Fortunately, it didn’t last, and I became a pro at using the picks before long. These days, I can basically do it with my eyes closed (which is sometimes the case when I’m flossing half asleep at 6 a.m.)

I am not the only person who swears by these dental picks. On Amazon, the picks have 4.7 out of 5 stars and more than 10,000 ratings. In the reviews, shoppers say they are easy to use, work well, and of course, are dentist-recommended.

Whether you hate flossing the traditional way or just don’t floss at all, you should definitely give these affordable dental picks a try. They’re so easy and painless that even my teenage daughter uses them every day. Now that is impressive.

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