Dentist reveals mind-blowingly simple oral hygiene tricks: ‘I am failing adulthood’

Dentist David Cohen’s Instagram is dedicated to making your smile healthier. 

The Los Angeleno provides useful oral hygiene tips and hacks. If you’re unsure about when to throw a toothbrush out or what the best technique is, you’ll definitely want to give Cohen a follow. The dentis has been dropping helpful tricks all summer. Here are a few that might get your smile through quarantine. 

“All the toothpaste companies are going to hate me,” Cohen wrote in a caption

In the hack, there’s a photo of a toothbrush with a strip of toothpaste on top of the bristles. 

“This is how much toothpaste we always thought we needed and what we saw on TV commercials,” Cohen wrote. “But a pea-size amount is really all you need. Does the same job!” 

A second slide shows the toothbrush with just a dab of toothpaste barely taking up half the space on a brush. This one is a money saver, for sure.

If you’ve got sensitive teeth, especially from whitening products, this one is for you. Cohen recommends putting a toothpaste with potassium nitrate into a night guard and wearing it every day for 5 minutes until the sensitivity is gone.

But one of his more universal hacks is how to clean your toothbrush. The dentist says the best method is to first wash your brush with dishwashing liquid. Then mix three parts water and one part hydrogen peroxide and let your brush soak in it for a few hours. This method should kill off all the bacteria. 

The comment section was a bit stunned by this revelation. 

“I am failing adulthood,” one user wrote

“Is it bad that I never wash my toothbrush and I have never known about doing that until I was today years old???” another wrote. 

“I do that all the time to clean the bacteria,” another added.

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