Woman goes viral on TikTok for destigmatizing dentures

A 22-year-old woman is going viral on TikTok for destigmatizing dentures.

TikToker Faith Hill lost her teeth as a result of drug addiction. After becoming sober in July 2020, Hill realized what years of neglect had done to her teeth.

“I had a six-year-long drug addiction to methamphetamines and I didn’t take well enough care of my teeth,” Hill explained in a storytime TikTok. “They started to rot and break off and none of them were able to be saved so I had to get all of my teeth removed.”

For two months, Hill had to live without any teeth while she waited for her dentures. After getting her impressions done, it took six weeks for the dentures to be made.

“[It] was really hard on me,” Hill told In The Know. “I felt alone like no one knew what I was going through. I [couldn’t] help but think, ‘Once I get my smile back, I’ll be happy.’ I always felt like I was missing a part of me.”

In December, Hill finally got her new teeth.

“It makes me happy to see more young people open about dentures,” one of Hill’s followers commented on her TikTok. “Makes me feel less alone.”

“Seeing you so open and honest with your journey makes me feel not so insecure about my current situation,” another said.

Since getting her dentures, Hill has been open to answering commenters’ questions about her new life and routine — like, how she eats, whether she wears them while she sleeps, how she puts them in — and she continues sharing #dentureconfidence videos that rack up millions of views.

“My inspiration for being so open about my dentures on TikTok was in hopes to create a safe place for others going through the same thing,” Hill explained. “I want people to feel free and open. I also have hopes of one day being able to help others who aren’t financially able to get their smile back. All I want to do is give others a chance to smile again.”

Dentures can cost thousands, depending on what kind you get. Hill was lucky enough that Heidi Lynn, the owner of a nearby spa, reached out and offered to pay for her dentures. Lynn’s act changed Hill’s life, and Hill hopes she can do the same for someone in the future.

“I’m going to do whatever it takes to climb whatever ladder I need to for success so that I can financially assist those needing their smile back,” Hill said.

But through her videos, Hill is already making an incredible difference for the numerous people who cope with negative stigmas because they either have dentures or need them.

“The most common misconception with dentures is people thinking that only older people have dentures,” Hill said. “I will admit, as a child I used to think the same thing — which leads me to think that people just aren’t educated enough about all the possibilities leading up to needing dentures.”

Hill is happy to continue sharing her life with dentures, and she’s thankful for a platform like TikTok that makes it possible for her to reach a wider audience.

“I’m living a higher quality life now, not in the physical sense but in the mental sense,” she said. “My cup has been overflowing with love. I didn’t expect as large of a following as I do now but I sure hoped for it!”

As for those who may not have as much #dentureconfidence as Hill has, Hill says to them, “Stay strong and don’t let anyone bring you down about your condition. Focus on the people who support you and never mind the rest.”

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