Woman claims deodorant prices are a ‘scam’ and that the ‘pink tax is real’

A woman declared “the pink tax is real” when she discovered a double standard right in the aisles of Target. 

The pink tax refers to the trend in pricing, where items marketed to women retail higher than identical products marketed for men. TikToker Sreya was shopping when she noticed that two identical products had completely different prices. She suspected it was because of the gender with which each was associated.

“On today’s episode of the world hates women, I’m at Target and look what I found,” she said

She got two deodorants from the same brand called Hey Humans. One was from the women’s section, and the other was from the men’s. They had the same packaging and different scents. 

The two identical products also had different prices. The deodorant from the women’s section was $6.99, but the one from the men’s section was only $4.99. 

“Two dollars less for the same exact thing. Scam. The. World. Hates. Women,” she said

People in the comments shared Sreya’s outrage. Many felt Target didn’t support women.

“We are not shopping at Target anymore. Just saw another TikTok on who they donate to! They really really hate us,” a user said

“Same with children’s clothing; little girl clothes are pricier even though they use less fabric,” a person commented

“I currently use men’s. I’m not overpaying anymore!” another wrote

“The pink tax is a real thing, and it pisses me off,” someone added

“And that’s why I buy men’s body wash and razors. Guess I’m adding deodorant to the mix,” a TikToker replied

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