Designer develops kitchenware line for people living with one arm

Oneware is a series of kitchen accessories designed for people living with one arm. 

Created by Loren Lim, a product designer from Singapore, Oneware won the 2016 James Dyson Award. The kitchenware line consists of two products, a dishwashing aid and a cutting board.

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“Amputees, people born with one arm, patients suffering from stroke and temporary injuries often face difficulties when using with daily objects due to the limitations … Kitchenware is one of the most common ranges of products that they faced challenges with due to the frequency of usage,” Lim stated

The dishwashing aid, a silicone net with grips, prevents plates and bowls from wobbling around as the person scrubs with one hand. 

“A lack of support to hold things down is one of the most common issues,” Lim said. “This unit consists of a chopping board designed with structures that enable help them to hold the food in place while preparing for their meals.” 

The chopping board has several protruding spikes on one corner. This allows the user to secure a vegetable or fruit in place while they chop it. Lim’s project was a hit with its intended audience. 

“I think this product is really good as I myself clean the dishes,” Jorain Ng, who lives with one arm, said. “Sometimes I almost drop the plates when I’m scrubbing it halfway and I have to hold the plates really firmly. So this product would help because there is a grip underneath it.” 

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