Dessert dip is the new sweet trend that’s taking over TikTok

Dips aren’t just for chips and veggies. They also make an incredible dessert! And while dessert and dips might not be the most obvious pairing, it’s the latest food trend taking over TikTok. From birthday cake to cherry pie, there’s a dessert dip for everyone. Here are five delicious dessert dips to satisfy your sweet tooth!

1. Birthday cake dip

This recipe takes half the time and tastes just as yummy as a traditional birthday cake. Add funfetti snack cakes, Cool Whip, vanilla extract, milk and whipped cream cheese in a bowl. After thoroughly blending, pour the mixture into a serving bowl. Top it off with more Cool Whip and rainbow sprinkles. Serve with dunker cookies, and enjoy!

2. Oreo dip

Cookies ‘n’ cream devotees will definitely want to take a dip into this recipe! To make it, mix softened cream cheese, powdered sugar and vanilla in a bowl. Then add whipped topping and crushed Oreos before thoroughly blending. Serve with fresh fruit, and bon appétit!

3. Marshmallow s’mores dip

No campfire is needed for this s’mores recipe. To make it, line a skillet with little bricks of milk chocolate. Then place it in the oven until the chocolate starts to melt. Next, spread the chocolate around the skillet, and top it with marshmallows before briefly placing it back in the oven to broil until the marshmallows turn golden brown. Don’t forget the graham crackers!

4. Chocolate chip cookie dip

If you love chocolate chip cookies, you’ll love this dip. In a bowl, add chocolate chip cookie mix followed by butterscotch pudding and Cool Whip. Then blend until smooth. Double down on the dip by serving it with chocolate chip cookies. 

5. Cherry pie dip

Life’s a bowl of cherry pie with this recipe. In a bowl, add cream cheese, Cool Whip, marshmallow fluff. Then whip until smooth. Next, pour the mix into a pan, and top it off with a can of cherries. Serve with graham crackers and enjoy!

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