Dessert shop offers cotton candy burritos stuffed with ice cream and sweets

This is where sweet dreams come true. 

Las Vegas’ Creamberry ice cream shop was founded in 2016 with the aim of becoming a “one-stop dessert shop.” Its confection connoisseurs study international dessert trends so that they’re always on point. Judging by the delectables on its Instagramcreamberrylv, the company has succeeded. 

Creamberry sells giant ice cream tacos with a hard shell made of waffle cone, cotton candy rockets the size of small children and PB&J honey French toast with ice cream. But nothing is quite as eye-catching as the shop’s massive birthday burrito, made of three of its cotton candy burritos. 

In an Instagram video of this enormous treat, a worker lays out three of Creamberry’s cotton candy “tortillas.” Each one is a pizza pie-sized disk of blue, pink and purple cotton candy. Next, the employee adds sprinkles, gummy bears, Cap’n Crunch cereal, marshmallows and nine colorful scoops of purple and green ice cream. Then they roll the huge burrito expertly, before cutting it into several huge slices. The pieces resemble a cotton candy-ice cream hybrid sushi roll. 

You won’t be surprised to hear that Creamberry’s birthday burrito is so extra, you have to pre-order the mouthwatering beast ahead of time.

The clip received over 26,400 Instagram views. There were many interested parties. 

“It looks so good,” one user wrote

“My type of burrito,” another said

“Wow,” someone added.

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