Deuxmoi is the Instagram account ushering blind items into a new era

Back in the day, we gossip enthusiasts would have to refresh sites like Crazy Days and Nights and All Gossip Celebrities all day to get the information we craved. Now, we wait for DeuxMoi to post an Instagram story.

The account shares only memes in its feed. It’s what you’d see from any run-of-the-mill pop culture account.

What you’re probably looking for is the blind items and celebrity sightings in the account’s Stories. DeuxMoi’s bio states that it “does not claim any information published is based in fact,” but goodness, are the nuggets of gossip juicy.

Here’s what we know about the mysterious account.

What is Deuxmoi?

In short, it’s a celebrity gossip account with over 320,000 followers — and you’ll need to request to follow it to see anything. The account posts screenshots of DMs and emails from followers with tips.

Behold, DeuxMoi’s outer gates.

Those tips can be all sorts of things — intel about how celebrities treat service workers, third- or fourth-hand rumors or legitimately spicy relationship gossip.

It’s not only on Instagram, either — there is a Facebook group and a Reddit thread associated with the account through which fans break down certain gossip items. There’s also a newsletter.

What does DeuxMoi mean?

That’s an easy one — it’s French for “two me.” When it began, there were two people involved with the account, and they told Fashion Week Daily that they made it up as “a nod to our anonymous monikers, and it’s in French because that’s obviously the most chic language.”

Where did it come from?

The concept of DeuxMoi has been around since 2013 when two anonymous folks who worked at the same fashion company felt there was “an over-saturation of bloggers with horrendous style that were getting so much attention,” according to Fashion Week Daily.

It started as a website with interviews and other hot takes on fashion and celebrities, but evolved into a celebrity gossip hub over the past several months in quarantine. One of the original creators is no longer affiliated with the account, but the other has taken it from 45,000 followers to more than 300,000.

“When we all went into quarantine in March, I had a lot more time on my hands, so I was posting more,” the voice behind the account told Paper Magazine. “One day I sort of said, ‘Why don’t you guys write in to me any experiences you’ve had with celebrities.’ That’s what started it all, and from there it snowballed.”

What kind of gossip can you find on DeuxMoi?

The anonymous voice behind DeuxMoi told Amanda Hirsch of Dear Media’s “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast about a few of the memorable tips they’ve gotten over the past few months.

They said Chris Evans has a “rabid” fan base that plants fake stories about him and Lily James all the time. They also walk on eggshells when posting about other celebrities with obsessive fans — like Timothée Chalamet and Justin Bieber — because of potential backlash.

Taylor Swift’s former neighbor shared lukewarm gossip about how she makes pasta and drinks red wine all the time, which upset some of her followers because it was just so mundane.

They said the account’s pivot to gossip content started with a tip about Leonardo DiCaprio, and a flood of DMs about his alleged bizarre preferences followed. No spoilers, but DeuxMoi refers to him as “Headphones Dino Bones.”

On the other hand, they told Hirsch that the one celebrity who doesn’t seem “thirsty for fame” is Keanu Reeves. They’ve never received a bad tip about him at all.

Another celebrity who DeuxMoi’s curator said surprised them most is Jennifer Anniston —  they expected her to be pretty cool and casual, but they’ve gotten tons of tips about her being a bit “uptight” and “neurotic.” Either way, people sure love to gossip about her. And everyone else.

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