A group known as the ‘menace cult’ is spreading on TikTok

There’s a cult taking over TikTok but don’t worry it’s not as dangerous as the ones in real life. 

Lately, you may have seen calls to action on your social media feeds saying, “join the menace cult.” The menace cult is a network of TikTok users who follow each other. Unlike real cults, it doesn’t take much to join and people are free to come and go as they please. 

What is the “menace cult” on TikTok? 

The menace cult is a fast-growing group of TikTok users. Members can be identified by their devil emoji profile pictures. The point of the cult is for people to increase their follower account. You don’t really need to be invited to join, you can just change your profile picture to a devil emoji. This will signal to other members you’re a part of the movement. 

Another characteristic of menace cult members is the use of the song “Ryte Night” and “FREEDDAWG” by NBC Youngboy in TikTok posts. 

The account @menacecultheadquarters claims to be the “official headquarters for the Menace Cult.” It has 3,283 followers and just five posts.


It’s unclear if menace cult members have any goals beyond expansion. The member @akakeked declared, “We will take over TikTok” in a post where they scrolled through their follower list full of devil emojis. 


Only 1 rule 😈: Once a menace, always a menace😈 #fyp #menace #cult #newcult #menacetosociety #demontime #join ( @uhhhuh1 i need you to join. )

♬ original sound – M5.BM

Most members like @m5.bm appear to be just trying to convert new followers to join. 

Who started the menace cult? 

The group is rapidly growing so it has become nearly impossible to determine how it actually got started. The #menacecult hashtag currently has over 4.2 million views on TikTok. Trends on social media tend to be ephemeral, so we’ll just have to see how long this one lasts and if it goes anywhere. 

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