Diffusing curly hair has never been easier with this step by step tutorial

On this episode of In the Know: Hair School, celebrity hairstylist and host Justine Marjan teaches us how to easily diffuse curly hair, using some of her favorite products and tools. 

After washing and curling the model’s hair, Justine starts by using some Tresemme Curl Hydrate Cream. “This just helps to restore moisture levels in the hair, before I go in and detangle,” said Justine. She also suggests having some sectioning clips handy, in order to make it easier to separate and style specific sections of hair. 

For her next step, Justine bunches up a section of the hair, and uses a Wide Tooth Comb to gently detangle the hair. “When you’re detangling curly hair, I always wait until the hair is wet, and then work through the ends and slowly work the comb upwards. This will just ensure that I’m not causing damage to the curls,” said Justine. 

Now that the hair is detangled, Justine applies a bit more of the curl hydrate cream, to ensure that the hair is as moisturized as possible. 

After applying about a dime-sized amount of hydrate cream, it’s time to separate the curls, in order to highlight the hair’s natural curl patterns. “I’ll start at the back, on about 1-inch sections, I’ll clip the rest of the hair out of the way, and then I’ll use a Denman Brush to brush through with tension so that you see the curls bounce up,” explained Justine. 

Justine prefers using the Denman Brush because it has a rounded base, which helps to spiral the curl pattern. Using the Denman Brush, Justine brushes strands of hair that are naturally separating, before reinforcing the shape of the curl with her hands. 

Once the curls are separated, it’s time to bring out the diffuser. Justine suggests the ghd Helios Professional Hair Dryer with the ghd Professional Hair Dryer Diffuser Attachment at the end. 

“I love this [diffuser] from ghd because the prongs really help to separate the curls and enhance her natural curl pattern,” said Justine. The dryer itself, according to Justine, “works amazing to dry the hair quickly and prevent frizz. 

Once Justine turns on the blow dryer, she likes to let gravity do its thing. “I’ll start in the back and just have her tilt her head back, and then I’ll gently place the curl in the diffuser, and place it against her scalp.” Justine suggests not touching the hair with your hands while diffusing, in order to prevent frizz, and also recommends using some Tresemme Extra Hold Gel if you want to further prevent frizz during the drying process. 

“You want curly hair to feel 100% dry when you’re diffusing, because if there’s any moisture left in the hair, the second she steps outside and there’s any humidity, it’ll cause frizz.”  

Once Justine feels that the hair is totally dry, she applies some Tresemme Flawless Curls Oil to her hands, and works through the strands of hair that are clumped together, gently pulling them apart and reinforcing the curl pattern with her fingers. 

After making sure each curl is separated and shaped, Justine’s diffusing routine is complete and the model is left with perfect curls! 

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