The internet is stunned by the new $8,700 Dior gardening kit

French fashion house Dior recently announced its plans to release a luxury gardening kit — and the internet is freaking out over its incredibly high price point.

The fashion and youth culture website HYPEBEAST shared background information about the Dior gardening kit via a viral Instagram post. The kit costs approximately $8,700 USD.

Designed by Dior’s creative director Kim Jones, the Dior gardening kit includes a leather folding seat with a hand rake and spade embellished with calfskin leather handles. The kit’s shape resembles the brand’s signature Saddle bag and is an homage to Christian Dior’s love of gardening.

At this time, the designer gardening kit is exclusive to a few countries in Europe, such as the U.K. and Spain. The Dior U.K. website states that customers can only purchase the kit in-store, and customers must complete an online form to book an appointment with a boutique.

The gardening kit’s sky-high price amuses netizens worldwide.

“How ** does a gardening kit cost more than my car?” an Instagram user commented on HYPEBEAST’s original post.

“The metal better be mined from f***** Pandora,” someone else wrote.

“Lol, people who can afford these don’t garden themselves,” commented another Instagram user.

Others took to Twitter to discuss the pricey gardening toolset.

TikTok user and gardening enthusiast @emasago also shared a video on the Dior gardening kit.


I’d love to hear the opinion of plant people on this piece. How much would you pay to be a Dior Gardener? #greenscreen #diorgarden #dior #luxurygarden #luxury #plantsoftiktok

♬ original sound – emasago

In the video, @emasago explains that the gardening kit is mostly a combination of previous yard tools that Dior has released. The brand also previously launched gardening gloves, planters and an apron.

“I’ve seen Dior’s other gardening tools and accessories, and those run anywhere from $300 to $500. And honestly, this is really steep in comparison,” @emasago said. “I’m curious to know if anyone in the tax bracket that’s able to afford that actually enjoys gardening as a hobby.”

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