Dozens of disabled dogs go for a run thanks to rescue charity

These disabled dogs’ big day out will surely hit you in the feels.

Michael Baines, an entrepreneur from Sweden, founded The Man That Rescues Dogs, a charity in the Chonburi province of Thailand. Baines moved to Thailand 19 years ago in 2011. Now his shelter cares for more than 600 dogs and feeds 350 that live on the streets

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“It actually started in 2011 when I rescued one dog that turned up behind my restaurant,” Baines told Newsflare. “It was in very bad shape. I started to feed the dog and took it to a clinic that I trust. After that, I started to feed the stray dogs and in 2017 I took over this place.”

In March, the charity’s staff took dozens of its disabled dogs out for a run. Some of the canines had leg injuries that were bandaged up, while others were in wheelchairs. But every dog in the footage appeared to be enjoying the excitable run on a path near a river. 

The organization spends about $1,300 a day to provide care for the dogs.

“We feed them on the streets. We have a route that we come to for many years. We feed them every day and make sure they are healthy. We also spay and neuter them,” Baines said

“We have two veterinarians, two construction workers, a free-of-charge clinic, food, medication, drugs, and transportation,” he added.

The charity will only take dogs in if they are living in a dangerous area where traffic or people could pose a threat. The organization has seen a 40 percent drop in donations since the pandemic and is fundraising on its website

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