This random household item is a ‘lifesaver’ when it comes to removing stains

Looking for quick stain remover hack? This one only requires a bottle of dish soap.

Ever feel bold enough to wear a white T-shirt to lunch, only to immediately regret it when you stain it almost right after you start to eat? Us too.

For this episode of In The Know’s Doing Well, Phoebe Zaslav is going to turn you all onto a secret stain remover hack that only requires one household item that you already own.

“I’ve turned my family and friends on to this trick, it’s tried and true, and now it’s time for you guys to try it out,” Phoebe says. “I use this hack probably once a day because I’m a hot mess when I eat and stain most of my clothes.”

All you need handy is a bottle of dish soap.

“Just get the stain a little wet, pour a dollop of dish soap onto the stained area and rub it in with your finger,” she explains. “Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes and throw it in the wash.”

To stay environmentally friendly, definitely wash the item with some other dirty clothes as to not waste water. For the best results, try to do this as soon as you see the stain — but even so, Phoebe says there have been times it worked after a few days.

“I swear by this, don’t worry about the color of the dish soap,” she says. “It will not affect your clothing… It is a lifesaver!”

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