Student shares close-up footage of how disinfectants work on TikTok

Justice Dodson is a UC Davis pharmacy technician student who kindly shares all of his knowledge on TikTok to his 752,000 followers. 

If you’re curious about how many germs are lurking around you, Dodson’s TikTok is a great place to start. But don’t be too scared, not all bacteria are bad and if things were too sterile we’d become antibiotic-resistant

For example, Dodson swabbed the lid of a store-bought Red Bull can to show his followers how much bacteria was on it, in one video

“Does anyone else think that it’s super gross that we just buy cans of soda and like put our mouths on it and just drink off it?” Dodson asks in the video. “And like, you don’t know where it’s been or who has touched it. So I put a swab on a plate here to grow some bacteria colonies and yeah there is definitely a bunch on there.” 

The microscope lens showed tons of bacteria moving around on the lid.

For another experiment, Dodson showed how hand sanitizer can disinfect nematodes, small slender worms that can be microscopic, in 45 seconds. 

In the clip, the nematodes wriggle around with life before Dodson pours hand sanitizer on them. The microscopic lens shows them slowing down before becoming totally static as the hand sanitizer kills them. 

Dodson usually suggests his followers leave suggestions in the comment section. 

“Can you do Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer,” someone asked.

“Yes, stay tuned,” Dodson responded

“Can you try an organic antimicrobial? Like cinnamon,” another suggested.

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