Disney fans devastated over annual pass update

Disney fans are crushed to find out that Disneyland will be ending its annual pass program after the park was closed for nearly a year due to COVID-19.

As Southern California continues to experience one of the worst surges in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, it has been unclear when Disneyland would be allowed to reopen its gates to fans. Thus, in a statement, Disneyland Resort president Ken Potrock announced that the company will be “sunsetting” its annual passes and issuing refunds to eligible pass holders.

Disneyland, along with many other Disney resorts around the world, initially shut down in March 2020 and was slated to re-open in July 2020. Unfortunately, spikes across California scrapped those plans as well.

The annual pass program is a very popular option for Disney super fans and nearby residents of the Anaheim, Calif., location. Many looked forward to the day it was deemed safe to revisit the theme park and were disappointed to hear the announcement.

Some Twitter users also felt the need to defend why they felt so upset about the cancelation.

“I grew up going to Disneyland multiple times a year and my extended family have been annual pass holders,” one user shared. “I’ve also known so many ppl in LA that make Disney an identity. It’s a culture! I can only imagine there’s some anger in these circles.”

Others were furious with Potrock.

“What I don’t understand about Potrock’s statement is that he knew that this would upset millions of people. He says they are working on a replacement system,” another user said. “Why didn’t he wait until the new system was fleshed out and announce that so avoid the bad PR?”

“That’s shameful. As soon as @Disney took a hit like everyone else on the plant they decided to put it on the loyal customer base. Shameful,” another added.

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