Little girls left speechless by ‘magic’ Christmas surprise: ‘They had no idea’

Two little girls got a magical Christmas gift with a sprinkle of Disney magic thrown in. 

Nancy Bergantzel shared footage of a 2018 reunion between her three daughters at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort in Orlando. 

“My daughter Libby and her boyfriend Richard surprised our little girls Pepper and Neli, Libby’s sisters, by coming home from New Zealand after being there since September 2017,” Bergantzel told Newsflare.

The footage shows Pepper and Neli as they discovered two massive presents in the lobby at Disney. The girls guessed that maybe there was a giant Barbie doll inside before they ripped the gift wrap off of each box. The little girls were completely stunned that Libby was in one box and Richard was in the other.

“The family vacation was already planned and this secret was a bonus. They had no idea Disney assisted my husband in making this magic,” Bergantzel told Newsflare.

When Libby and Richard arrived, Bergantzel’s husband Jim helped them get ready in the boxes and alerted his wife and the girls to come down.

“My girls just thought it was something Disney was doing,” Bergantzel told Newsflare. “This surprise was pulled off after two months of prep and keeping it a huge secret. As you can see on the girls’ faces and the emotion in the room it was a beautiful gift for all and nothing they expected.”

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