Woman working as ‘Disney nanny’ has ‘literal dream job’

When Cyan Nardiello was 13, she visited her first Disney theme park and “knew the castle was her home.” She even picked her college, the University of Central Florida, to be closer to Disney World. Now, the student has founded her own business, Once Upon a Nanny, where she combines her passion for child care and fairy tales. 

“I started a babysitting service for theme parks about a year ago called Once Upon a Nanny,” Nardiello explained in a video. “You’re probably wondering: What is a Disney nanny? We help families in theme parks with literally whatever they need.” 

Some large families may want an extra set of eyes to help keep track of kids in the massive theme parks. Others may want someone to watch their little ones while they attend adult rides. Meanwhile, some parents may just want to spend alone time together and have the kids looked after. 

“We meet the families in the parks. We have fun, and then we leave,” she said

People praised the CEO for founding her own business and solving many parents’ headaches. 

“Literal dream job. That’s such a smart idea,” someone wrote

“This sounds both fun and rewarding. What an amazing idea,” another said

“I’m a single mom of two and definitely need this,” a person commented

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