Disney party princesses are exposing parents’ complete lack of boundaries: ‘Check yourself Harold’

Disney princess kids entertainers are putting parents on blast for their bad behavior at parties, and their shocking stories are going viral across TikTok.

While we’ve seen Disney entertainers go viral in the past, it’s typically for their interactions with kids, not adults — such as the not-so-Evil Queen’s interaction with a 15-year-old boy at Disneyland, or the tiny doppelgänger who almost forced Maleficent to break character.

But these Disney party princesses are proving that sometimes it’s the parents who steal the show at kids parties.

In one such viral video, TikToker and kids entertainer @crazieegracie — dressed as Princess Jasmine from Aladdin — tells the story of a grandfather named Harold who didn’t seem to understand the concept of “boundaries.”

According to Gracie, she was performing as Wonder Woman for a little girl’s birthday party when a man approached her and asked if he could take her picture. “Just me. No children. Just me,” Grace says flatly. “Why would he need that?”

Grace reluctantly obliged to the photo — but luckily, Harold’s wife spoke up. “‘Harold, do you want to include your granddaughter in the picture with Wonder Woman?'” Grace recalls, imitating Harold’s wife.

They took the group photo — only for Harold to turn around and ask for Grace’s phone number. “I could get your number and then I can text it over to you so you can have it?”

Unfortunately, Grace’s encounter with an adult who couldn’t respect boundaries isn’t unique, as evidenced by @georgiafawcett‘s viral video.

According to Georgia — dressed as Mary Poppins — her painful encounter with a parent occurred after finishing a back-to-back shift as Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

This time, rather than a flirtatious grandpa, Georgia had to endure a mom who couldn’t quite grasp that party entertainers don’t work for free.

The encounter took place at a friend’s birthday barbecue, to which Georgia had been invited as a guest — not as an entertainer. But the second this mom caught wind of Georgia’s work as a kids entertainer, she tried putting Georgia to work for the “bored” children at the barbecue.

“‘Do you think you could just run a party game for them or, like, entertain them just for a bit? Just so they’re out of our hair for a couple of hours?'” Georgia recalls, imitating the woman.

Georgia shocked the mom when she then asked (“politely but slightly bluntly”), “Are you going to pay me?” She explained that she had been invited as a guest, had been entertaining kids all morning and was there to celebrate her friend’s birthday.

According to Georgia, this answer infuriated the woman, who then proceeded to complain about Georgia to “absolutely everybody” at the party.

“But, you know what, I had to set some boundaries,” Georgia explains. “Unless she was gonna pay me money, I was not going to entertain the kids.”

Another professional kids entertainer, @carolyn.vasko, exposed an entire group of dads for their total lack of boundaries — and respect — while she was working as Elsa from Frozen.

To effectively tell the story in her TikTok, Carolyn reenacted each adult by switching between costumes. Dressed as Elsa, Carolyn asked, “Does anyone wanna take one more picture before I go?”

“Take a picture with all of the guys!” a dad responded flirtatiously.

“Don’t send that to his wife!” a mom chimed in.

“I’m dressed as whoever you end up with,” a cape-wearing dad said.

“You have amazing eyes…,” one dad swooned.

“Want me to walk you to your car?” another dad asked suggestively.

Not only do such interactions make the entertainers feel uncomfortable, it also robs the party of its magic — magic that professional entertainer @mistermoonie had to work hard to defend during one interaction with a parent.


Parents do be ruining the magic tho 🙄 Like just leave us a good review and stop spoiling the magic #partyprincess #moana #disney #castmember

♬ Working Bitch – Ashnikko

While working a party as Moana, Zoë was confronted by a parent who refused to keep the magic alive.

“So, how long have you been dressing up like Moana?” the parent asked.

Zoë, remaining in character while interacting with the kids, ignored the question — but the parent persisted. “That wig is so realistic! You look just like her!”

“Parents do be ruining the magic tho 🙄,” Zoë’s TikTok caption reads. “Like just leave us a good review and stop spoiling the magic.”

“Yikes bro…”

TikTokers were shocked by the treatment these kids entertainers have to endure.

“As a mom of 2 girls I could never just walk up to someone randomly and ask them to entertain my children while at someone else’s house 😳,” one parent wrote in response to @georgiafawcett‘s video.

“Yk how parents have those leashes for they’re kids at like disney land ? That’s what Harold needs,” another TikToker commented on @crazieegracie‘s video.

“I don’t understand paying for the experience then knowingly ruining it,” read one comment in response to @mistermoonie‘s TikTok.

“Yikes bro,” was all one TikToker could muster in response to @carolyn.vasko‘s video.

Hopefully these professional entertainers’ viral videos will open parents’ eyes to what kind of behavior is — and definitely is not — appropriate at their kid’s next party.

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