Disney guest calls for boycott after being asked to buy shirt to cover up

A Disney park guest was upset with EPCOT security after being asked to buy a new shirt because the top she’d worn to the park went against the dress code.

Getting “dress-coded” at Disney has almost become a rite of passage for some guests as more and more TikTokers took advantage of Disney’s policy to get free shirts. Other TikTokers have shared that when a cast member told them their outfits were inappropriate, they got to pick out a new shirt at a gift shop free of charge.

Although that policy was never explicitly stated in the Disney dress code, enough people caught on to where now TikTokers speculate that Disney changed the rule to stop people from deliberately dressing inappropriately for free merch. Instead, now guests are asked to either leave the park and change or purchase a shirt.

TikTok user @kadiemcnally12 said she got dress-coded outside EPCOT for wearing a haltered crop top and was told to buy a shirt at a nearby shop.

“I just got dress-coded at Disney and was forced to buy a shirt in the shop that sold, like, three shirts,” @kadiemcnally12 said in the video. “I took it off immediately after [the cast member] walked away. F*** Disney, boycott.”


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As with other instances of guests getting dress-coded at Disney, the comment section was divided over what was in violation of the code. But one commenter pointed out that it was the fact that @kadiemcnally12’s shirt was tied together with string that caused the issue.

“It’s the strings,” they wrote. “Disney dress codes if the shirt has to be tied either in the back or the front. I tried avoiding that when I was packing.”

“Former Disney ride operator here: it’s the strings, not the crop of the shirt,” another agreed. “For legit safety reasons — sorry if that ruined your day.”

Others seemed annoyed at @kadiemcnally12’s profane reaction to buying a Disney shirt.

“Just put the new shirt on and move on,” someone said.

“You are in the wrong here,” a commenter added. “It’s the strings.”

Under the dress code section on its site, Disney clearly states that employees have “the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that is considered inappropriate or attire that could detract from the experience of other Guests.”

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