Disneyland fans are just finding out the park has a ‘secret’ spot for dogs

One Disneyland fanatic is setting TikTok ablaze after sharing a park “secret” for dog-lovers.

The pup-friendly feature comes courtesy of two users, Jessica and Ashleigh, who run an account called The Theme Parkettes.

In a video that now has more than 440,000 views, the duo reveals that the park actually has its own dog kennel. The fact, which means Disney lovers can bring their pups along with them, seemed to take many users by surprise.


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“I have lived 30 minutes away from Disneyland for 18 years and have gone every weekend and I never knew they even had a kennel,” one user wrote.

“Woooooow never knew,” another added.

The Theme Parkettes explain in their clip that the kennel opens 30 minutes before the park, and closes 30 minutes after — meaning it’s perfect for parkgoers who don’t want to leave their pups at home all day.

As Disneyland explains on its website, there are no reservations at the kennel club. That means it’s simply about getting your dog in there early. The Theme Parkettes added that there are a total of 40 spots available.

Also, attendees are required to return every four hours to spend some time with their furry friends. That requirement, as the TikTokers note, is more of a bonus than anything.

Apparently, the kennel has a “Lady and The Tramp”-themed dog park for bathroom breaks. The dogs can also ride the Disneyland tram on their way in and out of the park.

Most TikTok users seemed excited by the information, although some were critical. A few said the kennel was “irresponsible,” since it meant dogs would be left in a cage all day instead of running free at home.

Many commenters argued back, noting that not every pet owner has the option to leave their pet in a wide-open space while they’re gone all day. Also, the kennel club costs, just $20 — making it more affordable than many other options.

“This is an awesome option if there is nobody home to watch the dog, why is it so hard for people to understand?” one user wrote.

“I don’t understand the negative comments,” another added. “This is such a cute idea and very helpful for people who don’t want to leave their pup home alone.”

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