Mom’s distraction-free work environment stuns daughter: ‘She doesn’t even have a fun little drink to sip on’

Gen Z can’t believe adults are able to do tasks without consuming content. 

TikToker @madison_murrah shared a video of her mom writing letters. The content creator couldn’t believe her mother was capable of sitting quietly and working. She felt that doing any sort of chore or task would naturally accompany listening, watching or eating something. Yet her mom was able to accomplish her mission by simply focusing on what was right in front of her. 

Gen Z’s attitude toward multitasking isn’t surprising. According to EdSource, a 2021 study by Tallo found that eight in 10 Zoomers say social media distracts them from schoolwork. 


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“My mom is JUST writing up and sending out responses to graduation announcements right now,” the video text read. “She’s not watching a little show or listening to a podcast at the same time. It’s dead silence. Just the sound of her writing and the dishwasher.” 

“I would never. Id have to be knee deep in an hour long video essay about Disneyworld to do this task. I asked her what she’s thinking about while she does it and get this – she says she’s thinking about the task at hand! Incredible. She doesn’t even have a fun little drink to sip on.” 

The daughtered added, “Maybe this is just what mental wellness looks like.” 

The video racked up over 1.8 million views. People simply couldn’t relate to the mom. 

“I would sooner bite my arm off before doing any sit-down task without some sort of background noise,” a user said

“I rarely even brush my teeth without something on,” another added

“This is my personal hell,” a person wrote

“AND RISK LISTENING TO MY OWN THOUGHTS? No, thanks. I don’t trust my brain like that,” a TikToker replied

 “I literally play games on my phone while I watch TV,” someone commented

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