‘Listen closely’: Mom claims baby monitor captured disturbing voice in nursery at 3 a.m.

A scared mom is going viral for capturing what she claims is a “spooky” voice on her baby monitor, and TikTok is thoroughly creeped out.

Mom and TikToker Daisy (@cosmicdaze3) garnered over 4 million views and nearly 5,000 comments when she uploaded the strange footage.

“Caught it again. This time, listen closely,” her caption reads.


caught it again. this Time listen closely… @loeybugxo #paranormal #fyp #spooky #camerarecording

♬ original sound – CosmicDaze_mua

In the video, Daisy claims that the footage is not edited and that it was recorded in her baby’s room at 3 a.m. “No one was in his room,” she adds.

Other than some atmospheric noise, the footage starts off quietly — but eventually, Daisy’s baby begins to fuss.

That’s when Daisy claims a “spooky” voice says “forever.”

“My son is 1 and doesn’t say forever yet,” she writes.

But just one hour after capturing this strange footage, Daisy claims the baby monitor recorded even more paranormal activity in her nursery.


Should I do a storytime? NO ITS NOT DUST caught the same orb an hr later. #spooky #camerarecording #fyp

♬ La Casa del Terror – The Mika King

In another unsettling video, allegedly recorded just one hour after the spooky voice, Daisy captures what she claims is an orb fluttering around her baby’s crib.

“NO IT’S NOT DUST,” she writes in the caption.

‘Throw the whole house away…’

TikTokers flooded Daisy’s comments with reactions that ran the gamut from terror to cynicism.

“Move him to your room for a while until you find out what’s going on,” one user wrote.

“Someone may be logged in to ur baby monitor. Look it up online, it’s crazy,” another user suggested.

“I’m a psychic medium, there is a male presence. Sage the house to bring in love and light!” proposed another user.

Some users didn’t have any suggestions to offer but instead simply shared their terror.

“The bad part about watching this was my dog heard it and perked up and started growling. Yeah nooo,” one user wrote.

“This gave me chills,” another person commented.

“Throw the whole house away,” joked another scared user.

Some users couldn’t agree on what exactly they heard in Daisy’s video.

“Am I hearing growling noises?” one user asked.

“It literally just sounds like he’s crying,” one cynical user wrote.

And while this situation might seem uniquely spooky, Daisy isn’t the first TikTok mom who claims to have captured paranormal activity with her baby monitor. Recently, a mom went viral for also claiming to have filmed orbs in her baby’s room.

Whether you’re a cynic or a believer, one thing is for certain: when it comes to little ones, you never know what to expect in the middle of the night!

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