‘Diva’ toddler forgets which eye she hurt: ‘Tell me you have a dramatic toddler without telling me’

Things are bound to get melodramatic when your toddler is going through their so-called terrible twos. 

TikTok mom Jennifer Lynne Mulli describes her two-year-old daughter Bradley as a straight-up “diva.” We’ve all seen this type of behavior before. Someone gets a very minor injury and then goes out of their way to draw attention to themselves as a way to telegraph they’ve been through something. When Bradley got hit in the eye with a wooden block, she did just that — sort of. 

“Tell me you have a dramatic toddler without telling me,” Mulli wrote in the caption. 

In the clip, Bradley was nestled in her father’s arms on the couch. The toddler held a piece of cloth up to her right eye. 

“Bradley, I understand that you went through something very traumatic today, but you don’t even have it on the right eye. It’s the other eye, baby girl,” the mom said from behind the camera. 

“She ain’t moving it,” the father replied

Baby, you got hurt on your other eye … with a wooden block — and it is extremely small. But you have it on the other eye,” Mulli told Bradley. 

“She got PTSD,” the dad joked.

The father tried to move the cloth from her eye, but Bradley resisted. 

“No, stop it!” she shouted

The hilarious video racked up 11.9 million views on TikTok

“Y’all don’t know her life,” someone joked

“She’s been through trauma, and you’re harassing her already,” another said.

“She’s in too deep to quit now. I respect the commitment,” a person wrote

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