Diver finds two iPhones and other lost treasures during underwater expedition

You don’t have to be an environmentalist to know that a lot of junk ends up in the ocean. All of it can’t be attributed to human negligence, however, sometimes people just lose stuff.

Cameron Barbeau, the inventor of Dive Portable Lungs, is a freediver and scuba diver. Dive Portable Lungs is a lightweight, compact version of scuba gear that allows freedivers, who typically don’t use breathing equipment, to spend more time exploring underwater without getting bogged down. 

Barbeau documents his underwater expeditions with the gear on YouTube. He, and his friend Dallas, uncovered a lot of everyday hidden treasures during one dive in 2019. The hazy underwater footage shows Barbeau navigating the river floor, using a metal detector to scavenge for objects tucked under marine plants, wood and rocks. 

During the single trip, Barbeau found two iPhones, six pairs of sunglasses and even picked up some trash. One of the phones he uncovered was dry and still worked. He tried to call the owners and even reached out to Sprint, but didn’t have much luck. 

While he didn’t find pirate’s booty, YouTube users were still smitten with the interesting finds.

“I’m a river treasure hunter junkie, I just can’t get enough of watching you guys and the things you find. Awesome,” one YouTube user wrote

“Cool finds man. Sounds like a hell of a place to dive at. Keep it up,” another said

“Cameron, thank you for helping clean out our polluted rivers and oceans,” one person said.

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