Millennial sisters make over divorced mom’s bedroom in emotional TikTok: ‘I’m crying my eyes out’

A divorced mom came home to the most emotional bedroom makeover ever, all thanks to her two loving daughters, and TikTok is in tears.

When Cat Sully (@magicdsgirlshop) and her sister uploaded this touching room transformation, they likely never expected it to become a viral sensation.

But at 16.7M views, 2.8M likes, and 27.6K comments, their video has become just that!

Cat provided some background information with on-screen text. “My parents divorced last year. Their bedroom has stayed the same since,” she wrote.

“So my sister and I redid the room before our mom came back from a business trip,” she continued.

“For two decades, my sister and I never got along. This was the first thing we did together,” she explained as footage played of her sister smiling and constructing a new bed frame.

Cat went on to say, “It’s been hard for everyone. We love our parents so much. It was really emotional redoing the bedroom.”

As the room transformation neared completion, Cat highlighted some details around her mom’s new room. “My mom really loves Animal Crossing. So we put Animal Crossing everywhere,” she explained.

Finally, we see the reason why Cat’s video went so viral: her mom’s emotional reaction to walking into her new bedroom for the first time.

Seemingly at a loss for words, Cat’s mom simply stands and weeps, overwhelmed by the loving gesture — and her daughters’ love for her.

At the end of the video, we see Cat’s mom snuggled up in her new bed, sleeping soundly. “She loved it and slept on her new mattress so well!” Cat said, patting her sleeping mom’s head gently.

‘These are the types of videos that need to blow up on TikTok…’

Cat’s comments were absolutely flooded with love and emotions.

“This made me actually cry. Not like ‘I’m crying lol’ but like actual tears are streaming down my face,” one user wrote.

“I’m crying my eyes out,” commented another user.

“These are the types of videos that need to blow up on TikTok. This is absolutely amazing. Great job, girls!” praised one user.

“Such good daughters! This was so sweet. You can really tell you made your mom so happy!!” gushed another user.

“This is so pure. I love this more than anything. Thank you for doing this for her. Also, this song hit me right in the feels,” one emotional user wrote.

“U both turned a very negative experience into a positive outcome,” commented another user.

Even famous TikTokers were moved by Cat’s sweet video!

“This was so sweet,” commented Jessica Woo.

“So often, TikToks that explain an emotional narrative like this feel so forced & saccharine. This is the opposite of that. The real deal. Thank you,” wrote Garrett Watts.

But the most impressive and touching comment of all? The one left by none other than Cat’s mother.

“I’m the lucky mom! And I’ve got the best daughters in the world. #StillCrying,” she wrote.

Thanks to these loving daughters, what was once a sad situation has now been transformed into a sweet memory — an important life lesson for us all!

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