Make homemade air dry clay for a fun springtime activity for little ones

This mom on TikTok shared a fun sensory play activity that involves making homemade clay from baking soda, cornstarch, and water, which you can also use to create a fun springtime craft with fresh flowers! 

TikToker Morgan (@livethescottcottage) is a busy mom, photographer, and producer who blogs about the benefits of sensory play and often shares clips of kid-friendly crafting and sensory play ideas. Recently, Morgan posted a video featuring a tutorial for a simple clay craft, and it’s so cool even adults want to try it!


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“This recipe is great for making your own loose parts for sensory play, or [for] making cute home decor,” the on-screen text says at the opening of the video.

Morgan shows viewers how to make the clay using accelerated, overhead footage of the process. 

She begins by cooking baking soda, cornstarch, and water in a skillet over high heat until the mix has the consistency of mashed potatoes. She then transfers the mixture to a Tupperware container to let it cool before kneading it. 

The texture of the material is so soft it can be used as Play-Doh, Morgan notes over footage of her son using a cookie cutter on the clay to make clam shapes. 

In addition to playing with the clay, it can also be used to make pretty decorations, as Morgan demonstrates in the next shot. 

After laying each clay clam on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and then poking a hole through the tops, Morgan pops them in the oven for 2-3 hours at 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once baked, Morgan paints a layer of Mod Podge on each clam, then has her son decorate them with a collage of fresh wildflowers.

Morgan’s charming video was a hit with viewers and even inspired some adults to try the crafty clay activity. 

“Bye! I’m doing the phases of the moon wall hanging with this idea,” one creative user shared. 

“Imma make some coasters,” chimed in another TikToker. 

“So beautiful,” one viewer complimented. 

As Morgan’s video shows, it’s amazing what you can make with a bit of creativity and a few household items you probably already have in your kitchen. 

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