DIY coffee filter ornaments are the perfect kids’ activity for the holidays

These DIY coffee filter ornaments are a fun and easy way to involve kids in the holiday festivities!

What better way to get in the holiday spirit than with DIY ornaments? Homemade decorations don’t have to be elaborate and can be made with objects you likely already have. TikToker Celena Kinsey’s (@celenakinsey) ingenious coffee filter hack for making Christmas or Hanukkah ornaments is a great way to commence the holiday festivities!

All you’ll need are coffee filters, cardboard, glue, string, and various decorative stickers and glitter glue. 

First, have your child decorate coffee filters with markers. Once they’re finished with their masterpiece, have them spray it with water before setting it aside to dry. 

Next, cut various ornament shapes out of cardboard, then cut the coffee filters to match each cardboard cutout. 

Have your child help glue the coffee filters onto the cardboard using a glue stick, then attach a twine loop to the top of each ornament. 

Finally, have your child decorate the ornaments with glitter glue, stickers, or other fun materials. 

Kinsey used glitter glue to add a silver border and snowflakes to her son’s blue, green, and purple tie-dyed ornaments. 

Viewers enjoyed Kinsey’s cozy creation, and many crafting enthusiasts took to the comments to share the love.

“I would like to stay on Mom TikTok,” joked one potential parent. 

“Woooooowwww, that’s very cool,” one user complimented. 

Whether you decide to hang them on the tree or give them as presents, these homemade ornaments will definitely put a smile on someone’s face. 

DIY ornaments are not only a super fun holiday activity, but they’re also meaningful keepsakes with priceless memories attached to them. 

This colorful finger paint holiday lights ornament craft is a lovely way to capture your child’s tiny fingerprints. While this mess-free finger painting ornament craft lets babies help decorate ornaments using a Ziploc bag containing paint and a rustic slab of wood. 

Whatever the design or theme, friends and relatives will love receiving homemade ornaments from the little ones in their lives.

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