This DIY dreidel ring is perfect for the classic Hanukkah game

You can get everything you need to make this DIY dreidel ring at the dollar store. 

The TikTok account @hanukkahkits shared a quick tutorial on how to create a custom dreidel ring. This simple project is perfect for kids and parents to make together. All you need is a dollar-store shadow frame and some homemade Hanukkah art. 


DIY dreidel ring. use a dollar store shadow frame and your favorite Hanukkah art to make your own! #hanukkahcraft #jewishtiktok #hanukkahdecorations #hanukkahcountdown #dreidelring #dreidelgame

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dreidel is a four-sided spinning top made from various materials, including wood, plastic or metal. Dreidels are used to play a game of the same name during Hanukkah. 

In the game, players spin the dreidel and take the action indicated by where it lands. The actions include “do nothing,” “take everything,” “take half” or “add one.” 

To win the game, you must take every player’s counters (counters can be candies, chocolates, coins, etc.). If you run out of counters, you’re eliminated. 

To make your own dreidel ring, first, crush up aluminum foil and dip it into blue and gold paint to create an abstract print on a piece of paper or canvas. 

You can even make dreidel stencils out of construction paper for a festive print as shown in the video. Let your art dry, then insert it into the shadow box. Voila — you now have your very own dreidel ring. 

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