Help kids learn local geography from home with this clever DIY activity

This parent’s clever DIY activity helps kids learn their local geography from home

TikToker Diana Blinkhorn (@mrsblinks) is a busy blogger and mom of three who frequently posts videos of family adventures, activities, and parenting hacks. Recently, Blinkhorn shared a video of a homemade “Me on the Map” activity designed to familiarize kids with their local surroundings and give them an idea of where they fit in the world. 

The video begins with footage of the finished “Me on the Map” DIY booklet. Each page is dedicated to a location that’s specific to the “me” on the cover. 

Blinkhorn’s children assembled their booklets using a mix of printables and their own drawings, which are pasted onto an assortment of rainbow construction paper. 

The booklet starts with “me” and expands to include sections for “my house,” “my city,” “my state,” “my country,” “my continent,” and “my world.” 

Blinkhorn says that this activity can build kids’ vocabulary, map reading skills and also help them memorize their own addresses. The fun-loving mom also mentioned that this project can take a long time, so it’s best to split the map-making into two days.

Viewers responded to Blinkhorn’s video of the creative craft with waves of enthusiasm and childhood nostalgia.

“I actually remember doing a similar thing in 2nd grade,” reminisced one user.

“I have done this with my 3rd graders, and they LOVED it! So easy and a great learning tool. Thanks for sharing,” one educator said. 

“We have done this, and it’s a fun visual to build,” shared another viewer. 

There’s a reason why this activity is a longtime favorite amongst students and educators alike. Working with maps through the context of where we fit in the world can help kids with their spatial thinking and visual literacy skills. Mapping projects like Blinkhorn’s are an excellent way for kids to learn about the world around them from the comfort of home!

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