Clever DIY hack shows how to make nonslip socks for kids

When toddlers are just learning to walk, socks and slippery floors can be a hazardous combination. That goes for older kids too.

To help parents and caregivers prevent falls or injuries, Mommy 3.0 offers a clever hack for making any sock nonslip. Not only is the hack quick and easy, you also only need only a couple of items in addition to the socks themselves. Then your child can be off to the races, complete with added protection.

To turn any sock into a nonslip sock, you’ll need fabric paint, a toilet paper roll and, of course, the socks.

First, stick the toilet paper roll inside each sock to make sure it’s stretched out. Otherwise, the paint will crack once the paint dries and kids stick their feet inside.

Next, apply fabric paint to the bottom of the sock. You can choose any color or pattern, including dots.

Let the paint dry for several hours, and you’re good to go.

It’s a creative and colorful way to help keep kids safe. Now, if only you can get them to just walk in the first place!

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