‘Coolest aunt’ makes Hanukkah ‘punch boxes’ for her nieces and nephews: ‘I need to up my aunt-game!’

This aunt’s Hanukkah “punch boxes” are a hit with her nieces and nephews. 

TikToker and crafter Jessie Katz Greenberg has created the custom gift for years. Like an advent calendar, Greenberg’s “punch boxes” add a new layer of fun to celebrating the eight days of Hanukkah. Every punch box contains eight secret Hanukkah gifts that must be “punched” out of the box each day. 

Greenberg upcycled a cardboard box by cutting eight windows in it. Then she covered the windows with colored tissue paper and used pieces of cardboard to create dividers to make eight separate compartments. 

Finally, she filled each section with gifts like candy and toys. Each day of Hanukkah, her nieces and nephews “punch” through the tissue paper to get one of their mystery presents. 

“This is very fun. I am going to do this for Ramadan next year. Thank you for this great idea,” a person said

“You’re the coolest Aunt! I bet they love these!!” a TikToker replied

“This is so fantastic. What a great idea. I would have LOVED as a kid. Who am I kidding?! I’d love it now, as an adult,” another wrote

“What a sweet way to celebrate with them even when you’re apart,” a user commented

“I need to up my aunt-game!!! Ur a great aunt!!” someone added

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