5 adorable Easter crafts kids will love

One of the most enjoyable things about Easter is all the adorable and uplifting kid-friendly decorations and crafts that you can make yourself. From pretty pastel colors, to chocolate eggs and cute animals, there are many fun ways to make springtime extra festive with kid-friendly DIY crafts for all ages. If you’re looking to get in the Easter spirit with activities beyond dyeing eggs, here are 5 fun Easter crafts that the whole family can “hoppily” enjoy!

1. DIY Edible Dirt Garden Easter Sensory Bin

Children can play with their food thanks to this edible Easter sensory bin! The filmer includes layers of chocolate icing and crushed chocolate animal crackers for the garden’s dirt. Next, they arrange rows of mini carrots, tomatoes, cauliflower, and broccoli next to a bunny figurine and a patch of blackberries. A toy rake and shovel are placed next to the bin in case little ones are in the mood to do some gardening. 

2. DIY Easter Sock Bunny 

This Easter craft is so cute, it’s not even “bunny”! First, place a sock in a glass and fold the cuff over the rim to create a pouch. Fill the sock up halfway with uncooked rice, then fasten it with a rubber band. Tie another rubber band about an inch down from the first one to create the bunny’s head. Then, tie one more rubber band around a small section at the bottom to make the bunny’s tail. Cut the loose, top part of the sock in half to form the ears. Then, use a permanent marker to draw on its face. Tie a ribbon around the bunny’s neck for a fun, festive finish. 

3. DIY Easter Wreath


Spring break kid craft 🐰 @MuckNBrass makes kits to make these too we just had so many toys #craft #kids #kidcraft #easter #easteractivities #toddlercraft

♬ Drop It Like It’s Hot – Snoop Dogg

This sustainable Easter craft is an excellent opportunity to recycle old toys and knick-knacks by turning them into art! Head to your local craft or dollar store and grab some styrofoam wreath frames. At home, have your kids gather some old toys and Easter decorations. Let them place the objects in their desired arrangement and help them hot glue the items onto the wreath frame. The finished product is a funky Easter wreath that’s genuinely one of a kind. 

4. DIY Easter Egg Flower Bouquets

Who wouldn’t be “egg-cited” to receive a bouquet of Easter eggs? For this craft, all you’ll need are some fillable plastic Easter eggs, chocolates, and green pipe cleaners. Open one of the plastic Easter eggs, then take a green pipe cleaner and weave both ends through the two holes at the tip of the egg, then twist them together to form a flower stem. Place a piece of chocolate inside the egg before capping it. Repeat this process with the rest of the eggs, then arrange them in a vase or give them to a loved one. 

5. DIY Easter Egg Suncatcher 


Easter egg suncatcher made with recycled cardboard & cellophane! #eastercraftsforkids #recycledcrafts #crafttoplay #playfulcrafts

♬ Egg – CG5

In addition to your traditional Easter egg hunt, this DIY suncatcher is a fun outdoor activity for your little bunny. Start by cutting a large egg shape out of cardboard. Next, use an X-Acto knife to carve out shapes and patterns on the cardboard egg. Finally, tape pieces of colorful transparent paper over the cutouts, then this egg is ready for some sun. Place the egg suncatcher near a bright window, or have your little one use it to explore the outdoors on a sunny day.

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