Keep toddlers happily occupied while dining out with this DIY restaurant kit

This mom made a DIY restaurant kit to keep her kids occupied while dining out, and it’s a total game changer for parents who dine out with kids!

TikToker McKenzie Bolden (@mckenziebolden21) is a busy mom and content creator who often shares parenting hacks and snippets of daily life with her husband and two daughters. One of Bolden’s videos features a restaurant kit she made to keep her kids occupied while they’re at a restaurant, and parents on TikTok are loving the DIY dining out distraction. 

The clip opens with a shot of a pink, rectangular toiletry bag with a palm tree print. Bolden explains that after seeing a few other parents make restaurant kits for their kids, she decided to try out the idea. 

Bolden then opens the restaurant kit she made, revealing its contents. “I have these placemats that are silicone,” she says, reaching into the bag’s inner left pocket.

“They are from Target, and you can wash them. You would just set them directly on the table, and the kids can eat right off of them, so they’re not touching the table,” the organized mom notes.

Bolden lists the rest of the pocket’s contents which include crayons, and a coloring book with stickers. In the other pocket, she keeps disinfectant wipes, extra kid-sized silverware, straws, spare diapers, baby wipes, and some snacks. 

Viewers loved the restaurant kit idea, and many even shared what they like to keep in busy bags for their children. 

“This is a good idea! I usually have most of that in the diaper bag already, but the way you have it stored is amazing,” complimented one user. 

“Yesss! Mom of soon-to-be 3, and yes! You do need all this,” one parent confirmed. 

“Triangular Crayola crayons. Game changer,” recommended another parent. 

Based on Bolden’s video and the comments, this restaurant kit hack is a win for both parents and kids!

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