Mom’s ‘brilliant’ DIY squeeze pouches help save money and the planet: ‘This is revolutionary’

A mom is swearing off all those store-bought snack pouches for a simple, sustainable hack.

TikTok mom Rachel shared her simple tip for parenting with the environment in mind.

Kids tend to love those squeeze pouches filled with fruit and veggie purees. But when kids love something, they can go through them quickly. Those single-use pouches aren’t exactly great for parents’ wallets or the environment. Rachel came up with a way to have the squeeze-pouch experience without producing as much waste. 

“Saves money and the earth!” Rachel captioned the video. “Super cheap and handy!” 

In the video, she poured apple sauce into a resealable, reusable food pouch she got from Amazon. It was that easy. The reusable pouches were just like any other squeeze pouch, except you can customize what you put inside and reduce waste. 

‘This is genius…’

TikTok was a fan of the mom’s clever solution. The hack received over 67,000 likes. 

“It’s cheaper than buying them things over and over. Brilliant,” one user said.

“I don’t have a human child but this is genius for several reasons,” another wrote.

“This is revolutionary,” a person commented

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