Make a chic summer tote bag using a scarf

Put your wallet away because the perfect summer accessory is probably already in your closet.

It’s always nice to have a bag that goes with your outfit. During summer, clothes are more vibrant, and people tend to wear more color. But most folks don’t have a matching handbag for every hue they rock. Instead of cluttering your closet with more accessories, try this simple DIY to make your own.

In The Know’s Lisa Azcona has an easy hack to turn all your favorite colorful, patterned and printed scarves into summer totes.

“It’s a hack that could really come in handy this summer for the beach, the park, or even if you’re just inspired to switch up your style,” Lisa says. “This is especially useful if you tend to overpack like me and are usually left with zero space in your suitcase.”

She uses a 35-inch by 35-inch floral-patterned silk scarf to make her tote bag.

“Go ahead and grab one corner of the scarf and tie it with the corner that is diagonal from it,” she says.

Once tied, the scarf should form a large triangle along the diagonal fold.

“Then put it over your shoulder and tie the two leftover corners together,” Lisa explains. “Then put your arm through both loops. You want both knots to align together on your shoulder.”

And there you have it: a large summer tote in your favorite scarf print. Lisa is able to hold a towel, sunscreen, sunglasses and more in her bag.

“I love this hack because the bag is super lightweight, it can be washed easily and you have an array of patterns and colors you can choose from,” Lisa says. “Now you can always put your scarves to good use, no matter the season.”

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